Our group performs time-resolved optical studies of excited-state dynamics in materials for applications in energy conversion, optoelectronics, and information science. We are associated with the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the Energy Sciences Institute at Yale University. We are always looking for prospective PhD students with backgrounds in Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry. Students interested in applying could reach out to Prof. Guo via email.


December 22, 2022
Congratulations to our high school students, Anthony and Joy!  Anthony got admitted by Penn State, and Joy was admitted by Yale. We wish you the best in your next chapter and...
October 18, 2022
Our group has finished a one week synchrotron work at the sector 7-ID-C of the advanced photon source at Argonne National Laboratory. Thanks to Drs. Burak Guzelturk, Don...
July 15, 2022
Our lab is awarded the 2022 A. Ward Ford Memorial Research Grant from ASLMS! Thank you to ASLMS for the support!