Our group performs time-resolved optical studies of excited-state dynamics in materials for applications in energy conversion, optoelectronics, and information science. We are associated with the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the Energy Sciences Institute at Yale University. We are always looking for prospective PhD students with backgrounds in Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry. Students interested in applying could reach out to Prof. Guo via email.


December 4, 2023
Shunran, Bowen and Peijun are at Cornell CHESS early December for some in-situ x-ray diffraction experiments. Have fun!
November 26, 2023
Conrad and Peijun will attend the 2023 MRS Fall Meeting this week. Conrad will present his work on buried-interface imaging, while Peijun will organize a symposium on...
November 10, 2023
Shunran presented his work on refractive index determination for chiral 2D perovskites. Peijun gave an invited talk, focusing on our developments of a new pump-probe imaging...